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User guide website is the first and only Sri-Lankan website which is designed for collecting customer ratings and reviews. The website basically intends to collect reviews for online services, business and ecommerce platforms. At a glance consumers are able to get an overall picture about a company by seeing average ratings, and further consumers are able to read in-detail reviews posted by other consumers. This service developed to grow sales by reaching customer trust over your business with trusted consumer reviews & ratings.

This website is designed to collect consumer experiences over the local and online business and make a true picture about the particular company. Thus customers can easily identify fraud, spam business and also the quality of the services. Hassle free shopping with

The trustme website provides a facility to list any local or online business on the website. Thus the same consumer or any other consumers able to post their experience on a particular service provider. will calculate and show overall rating and consumer reviews on unique business profiles. In this case we don’t use any copyright or trademark materials on website from 3rd parties unless the business owner claims his website and data accordingly.

We provide this service to anyone who is willing to write a review for any business, service provider or company. Reviewer must have a registered account with trustme to post a review.

We don’t list any company, business or service providers here in website. We just provide facility and host to consumers, they have the right to decide what they are going to review. We don’t need any permission as we do not use any 3rd party trademark or copyright content in website. Anytime consumers are able to add domains to the website as their desire and start reviewing.

Business Guide

We recommend trustme business accounts for reputed business, online services and companies to get consumer trust toward the company. Here we collect ratings and reviews on behalf of your company and business can deploy its reputation to its customers. That will be a great opportunity to build trust over the customers and primarily get them to purchase items, services online without hassle.

Business users have option to list or claimed already listed websites/domains via its business email. Thus it can only claim by who have access to company email/domain email. Just in case if there is any issue with claiming website, it can ask support via contacting trustme team.

Yes, owners can delete business profiles anytime. But we don’t delete reviews for primary domain. We remove all the data added by the business account. But we don’t remove the domain and its reviews from website. As this site design for the good of the trustme community and we continuously provide our service to keep trust over business.

We always find and delete reviews containing poor language, harassment or promote any other illegal situations. However if you notice any review which does not follow Trustme policies you can report to the support team via business dashboard or manually by emailing us. Easily you could manage your domain and its reviews via Trustme business account.

Getting a 1-star review is not fake reviews, it could depend on the service the consumer got or item purchased. Just ignore minor complaints and ratings. In any case received any review as spam or any review containing bad language, the team will remove the particular reviews and may be the reviewer account will be suspended. Furthermore, a business account has a feature to reply to all reviews and explain the situation or give it feedback.

Trust score widget

Trustme provides a marvelous feature called trust widget. Business owners could place this widget on its own website and expose trust scour to its customers. That is the advanced precious service provide by trustme and anyone can place that widget on its own website just after claim their website on

Terms&conditons website consumers must agree and provide true and correct information upon creating accounts and posting reviews. Both business and consumer users must have to verify their account via valid email address before signing to the website.

1 user can only create 1 account and could post reviews for any listed business in the website. Posting spam reviews subject to account deletion and unable to claim back the account. Consumers must share its own genuine experience reviews under any listed company. Rating scour depends on the desire of the consumer.

Business users can claim 1 or multiple business via providing valid email and verifying through the provided email. It has the right to add details about the business and logo of the company. Upon deletion of the account we only remove data provided by the owner and there is no deletion of reviews or domain name.

We collect basic details upon registration and won’t share any of your details with 3rd parties.

ll the reviewers, consumers must have a registered account with trust me to post a review. Also reviewers agree to post true genuine reviews and ratings depend on their experience about particular business or service.

Registered users are able to post reviews as much as they want. But it limits one review per company. If found any spam reviews, it will be deleted from the site and could be subject to account suspension. Users have all the rights to delete its profile and reviews as they want.

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